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How you comply

Liberate your compliance team with Compliance Otter.

Assess risk and track your team's activity across any platform, monitor costs and projects, update policies and training, and more.

More productivity, fewer meetings

Compliance Otter lets you see the status of every compliance task in your organization. Real-time information for more accurate reports and risk assessment.

Overview of the entire compliance team

Get a quick overview of the entire compliance team and what they are working on, key deliverables, and more. 

What's on your compliance radar?

Training? Due Diligence? Reporting? Internal Investigation? Policy Review?

See everything in one place to keep your team running efficiently and effectively. 

Radar updates instantly (just like real radar)

How’s that Sales Team FCPA Training coming? You’ll see in real time, from the perspective of the team members doing it. 

You can also:

Policies, documents, and presentations

Always know your team is working with the latest versions of important documents and keep your private documents organized.

Access control let’s you share documents with the members of your team you choose. 

See all your providers in one place

Great for onboarding and change management/ A comprehensive list of all of the services and providers your compliance team uses.

...with a centralized compliance calendar

Make sure everyone is on the same page with a shared compliance calendar. 

Add any provider, including:

Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 7.53.57 AM
Law firms, consulting firms, software providers . . . Any product or service your organization uses can be added in Compliance Otter.